Basket Bounty

With scenery this amazing, you’ll want to spend plenty of time outdoors. So pack up a gourmet picnic—punctuated with a few only-found-here mementos to take home—and savor your time out and about in Galena Country.

Hillside delights

1. Freshly made beet salad: Piggly Wiggly
2. Sunny-yellow handcrafted ceramic mug: Eshelman Pottery
3. Vibrant paper napkins: Petals & Primitives
4. Decadent charcuterie board: Galena Cellars Tasting Room
5. Sweet and savory dips and crackers: The Grateful Gourmet Co.
6. Jarritos Mexican sodas: La Michoacana Irmanaju
7. Locally-grown Honeycrisp apples: Orchard Landing
8. Salmon & quinoa salad, macarons and croissants: Bread and Vine Bakery
9. Lemon poppy seed muffins: Klein’s Market Bakery
10. Hand-embroidered decorative napkin: Something Special
11. Fun-for-everyone Optical Illusions game: Poopsie’s
12. Indoor/outdoor Chilewich© rug: Isabella’s Ltd.
13. Journal and colorful pen: Galena Book & Paper Co.

Galena Country offers a myriad of idyllic locations where you can set up your picnic and bask in the tranquility of nature. Whether you prefer a scenic spot by the river, a charming vineyard, or a historic park, the options are plentiful. Some popular picnic spots in Galena Country include Apple River Canyon State Park, Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve, and Horseshoe Mound Preserve. Each of these locations offers a unique ambiance and breathtaking views that will make your picnic truly memorable.

Basket Bounty

Feast & fun under the sun

1. Delectable sandwiches: Piggly Wiggly
2. Massbach Reserve red wine: Massbach Ridge Vineyard & Winery
3. Apple mini loaf and brownies: Klein’s Market Bakery
4. Freshly popped flavored popcorn: Great American Popcorn Company
5. Homemade bread and butter pickles: Galena Canning Company
6. Traveler’s favorite peg game: Galena Kids Toys & Learning Center
7. Heirloom tomato & ricotta tarts: Galena Bakehouse
8. Vibrant paper napkins: Petals & Primitives
9. Indoor/outdoor Chilewich© rug: Isabella’s Ltd.
10. Sweet and savory dips and crackers: The Grateful Gourmet Co.
11. Ella C Squared Ciders: Galena River Wine & Cheese

A picnic in Galena Country promises a delightful escape filled with breathtaking landscapes and mouthwatering food. Whether you choose a tranquil park or a scenic overlook, you'll find yourself immersed in the region's charm. There's so much more to explore in Galena Country; browse the latest visitors guide and book your unique stay today!