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Experience Galena Country From Home

So, you're at home wishing you were on vacation in Galena Country. Never fear, there are ways for you to enjoy this wonderful destination right from the comfort of your home. Online Shopping Have Galena Country delivered to your doorstep! Here is a list of businesses offering exciting online…

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11 Hidden Gems of Galena Country

West Street Sculpture Park, Galena Tucked away on two acres of woods and paths, you will find more than a dozen large, welded steel sculptures created by award-winning local artist John Martinson. Sculptures include two 40-foot towers, contemplative artworks, a giant Tinker Toy, unique signs and…

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Luxury places to stay in Galena Country

Image Credit: Ulysses Suites Whether it’s a luxurious spa, high-end furniture, or a private campfire… we all love a little opulence every now and then. We have compiled a list of 11 accommodation properties in Galena Country that offer luxury in their own unique ways. Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Eagle…

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