Attend the Oldest County Fair in Illinois

Located at the intersection of two stagecoach routes and the Illinois Central Railroad, Warren is rich in history. The Jo Daviess County Fair, held midsummer, is iconic for is longevity.

What historic attractions does Warren offer?

Warren was named after Warren Burnett, the son of founder Alexander Burnett, as well as Burnett’s hometown in Pennsylvania. The 1851 limestone pre-Civil War Old Stone Hotel, now the Warren Community Building, once served stagecoaches and is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It also hosted prominent visitors such as Ulysses S. Grant, a resident of nearby Galena, on multiple occasions. Nearby, a restored 150-year old hotel is now a restaurant and Major League outfielder Abner Dalrynple was laid to rest in a local cemetery on Jan. 25, 1939, when he died at the age of 81.

What types of festivals does Warren have?

Warren holds its annual Pumpkin Festival, with a big parade, arts and crafts, and fall produce, on the last September weekend. The village is also the site of the Jo Daviess County Fair, the oldest county fair in the state of Illinois, held in late July/early August.

Places in Warren