Scales Mound

Scales Mound

Explore a town saturated with historic building

With more than 90 percent of its village on the National Historic Register, Scales Mound is a must see. It’s also a former stopping point on the historic Stagecoach Trail.

Why is Scales Mound a historic district?

Scales Mound is interesting because it gives us a good look at what the agricultural, social and commercial life of an active pre-Great Depression farming community was like. Many wood-framed outbuilding still remain, as well as many vernacular homes and commercial buildings. The historic 1885 town hall is now used for a variety of events.

What is the history behind Scales Mound?

The present village was begun in 1853 when the Illinois Central Railroad arrived, with most of the houses built by retired miners and farmers, many from England and Germany. The village was named after Samuel Scales, a veteran of the Black Hawk War, who was successful in mining, racing horses, steam boating and ownership in a dry goods store.

Is Scales Mound really at the top of Illinois?

Scales Mound’s proximity to the Wisconsin border and Charles Mound, the highest elevation in Illinois at 1,235 feet, has born the proud slogan: “At the Top of Illinois.”

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