Outdoor Adventures in Galena Country

Rolling hills, breathtaking vistas, grand rivers and miles of trails give Galena Country an impressive reputation among outdoor adventurers. But first thing first, you have to decide how you’re going to get around. So grab your friends and challenge them to hours of outdoor play. The opportunities are endless.

Explore the countryside on foot

The second you enter Galena County and see the expansive hills and valleys, you’ll be grabbing for you gear and ready to explore. There are six great ways to explore the countryside. The first being by foot. With miles of trails to explore, your hiking boots will definitely get a workout here. Whether you’re up for an easy walk or a true physical challenge, we’ve got the paths already marked out for you.

Travel by bike

Another great way to explore is by bike. Strap a GoPro on and record your adventures as you take a breathtaking ride (quite literally, have you seen our hills?!) through trails that are carved into the hillside. Rent a bike from Fever River Outfitters or snag a moped and enjoy the fun and freedom of scooting around town (and getting 100 miles per gallon). And if you come during May, you can take the one-day bicycle tour of Galena Country. Choose one of four clearly marked routes on rolling, low traffic, paved roads throughout our rural setting. Map your ride now.

Saddle up a horse

We have miles of groomed trails for seasoned equestrians and beginners alike. Bring your own horses and explore or take a guided trail ride from Shenandoah Riding Center where you’ll travel 40 miles of picturesque trails. Their horses are extremely well trained and have been handpicked for their calm temperament, athletic ability, and willingness to please. This is something all ages will enjoy.

Cruise the river

Nestled against the Galena and Mississippi Rivers, boats, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are the perfect choice for getting around. There’s even an option for doing yoga on the river (paddle boards required of course). Need a rental? Again, Fever River Outfitters is your go-to-place for all your gear.

Soar from the skies

Nothing beats the thrill of flying high. Now Galena Country offers two great ways for you to do just that. Take off in a hot air balloon with 13 of your friends, or try out the new Long Hollow Canopy Tour. Both are guaranteed adrenaline rushes.

Gaze at the stars

Once you get away from the city lights, you’ll be in awe of how many stars you can see. The Driftless Region in Galena County offers some of the darkest skies in Illinois that are perfect for stargazers. Any time of year, on a clear night you’ll see the sky light up and spot many if not all of the familiar constellations.

Play in the snow

Winter sports take outdoor fun in Galena Country to a new level. Head over to Chestnut Mountain for downhill skiing and snowboarding, including a 475 foot vertical drop. Or trek your way across the countryside with a pair of snow shoes or cross country skis at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa.

Go hunting & fishing

Fisherman and hunters take note. Galena Country has the perfect topography for catching trout, bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. Or head over to Apple River Canyon State Park to hunt squirrel, rabbit, deer, turkeys and more. Check the IDNR website for permit information.

Relax at your personal retreat

Rent a vacation rental home for the whole gang, try out the hospitality of our famous B&Bs, or take advantage of numerous amenities at our hotels, motels and resorts. We’ve got all the comforts of home (sometimes even more).