Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Make an impact in Galena Country by giving back to the community. Be creative and tie employee skills to a give back opportunity or volunteer at a food bank and promote team building and attendee interactions!

How to Bring CSR to Your Event

Organize a local service project!
Whether it’s helping at a local food back or planting trees and flowers in the park, a local service project will help attendees feel connected to Galena Country and make them step out of their comfort zones to experience something different, a great way to break the ice, build teamwork and help them network!

Make it a “green” meeting.
Beyond using recycled materials for invitations and event promotions, using local suppliers for the event is a great way to make your meeting green (and give them a taste of Galena’s fresh local flavors, crafted beers and spirits). You can also get creative with your event decorations using natural materials that can be donated to local schools at the end of the event.

Tie your company talents and services to your give back project!
For example, if you’re a technology company, donate computers to a local school or library. Or have your people offer free workshops or IT assistance to the community.