Green Retail Designation Application

Be a part of the Green Retail initiative and be recognized!

Would you like to be recognized as a green leader in our community?
Being green not only means being responsible in working toward sustainability, it can also save you money. And it can bring in more revenue for you by bringing in more business.

Read the criteria below. To be a part of the Green Retail initiative, you must complete #1-5 then choose 10 additional criteria from the remaining list.

Implementing criteria below might also qualify you for recognition on TripAdvisor.
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The following is the criteria to be a part of the Green Retail initiative. Please check the requirements that you meet, write a brief explanation under each and Submit.

Green Retail Designation Application


Green Retail Application
Be clear that ‘certified’ will follow the same guidelines as the lodging designation description in the library.

Select 10 from List Below:

Did you know… The City of Galena offers details on how you can implement solid waste reduction and recycling measures on their Web site.