FAQs in Galena Country

When is the peak of fall color in Galena Country?

It’s hard to give you an EXACT date of when the best fall colors are going to happen in Galena Country. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature, so many factors determine their intensity and timing, such as the amount of precipitation and temperatures. Generally, a hard frost happens right before the peak of fall colors. So while we can’t predict the precise peak, if you contact us shortly before your visit we’ll be happy to give you an idea of how the colors are developing.

Are there any scenic motorcycle rides in Galena Country?

Absolutely. We have beautiful scenic drives that are great for a motorcycle ride. Just a heads up… many of the township roads have no shoulders or guardrails and some have gravel surfaces. Please try to travel along hard-surfaced roads. Read more about our most scenic routes and which trails are best for motorcycle rides on our Road Trip page.

When is the big craft fair in Galena?

The annual Galena Country Fair is held in Grant Park on the weekend before the Columbus Day holiday. Check out the Events Calendar for this year’s specific dates. The fair attracts more than ten thousand visitors and lodging reservations should be made well in advance. For more information, please visit www.galenacountryfair.com.

Where can I rent a wheelchair?

Hartig Drug Store located at 11002 Bartell Blvd., about two miles west of downtown Galena, has two wheelchairs for rent. There is a $100 fully-refundable deposit and a $15 per day rental fee. You can reserve a wheelchair for use during your visit by calling Hartig’s at 815.777.2700.

Where can I stay with my pet?

We love people with pets! They are part of the family after all. Explore our page on Traveling with Pets for information on things to do and places to stay in Galena Country.

Where can I get visitor information once I get there?

Our website is optimized to view on mobile devices and tablets so take visitgalena.org with you on vacation. If you cannot find what you are looking for, call the Galena Welcome Center at 815.776.9200.