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Top pizza restaurants in Galena, IL

It's cheesy, gooey, hot and saucy! Whether you crave a traditional or exotic slice of Italian pie, Galena Country eateries offer an all-encompassing array of flavors, toppings, crusts and preparations! Ready for those photo-op-worthy cheese pulls? Let's dig in... Bottle Shed, Stockton This…

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Spend a day in Stockton, IL near Galena

Considered the eastern gateway to Galena Country, Stockton is a community rich in historic treasures and is the birthplace of the first Kraft Cheese plant in 1914! It is also home to gorgeous larger-than-life murals painted throughout the downtown area. Discover these colorful and story-telling…

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7 History Lessons of Galena Country

Get uniquely charming travel ideas. Join our newsletter Galena Country is known for it's well-preserved, 19th-century architecture and Ulysses S. Grant histort but there's even more to discover in this historically amazing destination! From the origins of Kraft Cheese to one of the earliest…

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