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Galena Clay Works

704 Dewey Ave Galena, Illinois 61036 | 815.978.7765
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Potter, Kent Henderson, creates functional ware that is all high-fired and food, dishwasher and microwave-safe. You will also find decorative and whimsical sculptures and raku vessels and vases in his unique studio.

All of the glazes are earth’s raw materials, hand-made and applied to each individual piece of pottery which is then fired to 2380 degrees Fahrenheit. This high fire process creates unique colors and continuity, making each piece one of a kind. Having majored in Humanities and Anthropology, Kent is interested in clay objects as art as well as artifacts and the temporal becoming the antiquated. Galena Clay Works is creating artifacts for the future, some to be used, some to be buried, all existing for future generations. From Kent's hands to your homes, all his clay works are yours to be used and enjoyed! Open to curbside/self service pottery sales. 

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