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Bald Eagle Bus Tours with Eagle Nature Foundation

300 East Hickory Street Apple River, IL 61001 | 815.594.2306
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The Eagle Nature Foundation is an international non-profit environmental preservation. The foundation conducts a variety of exciting programs to save our national symbol and other endangered species from extinction, and to increase public awareness of unique, endangered plants and animals.

In January and February every year, the foundation offers a 4-hour bus tour where participants have the opportunity to observe wintering bald eagles along the Upper Mississippi River. Eagles may be seen fishing, perching in trees, sitting on the ice, or even flying and migrating overhead as the tour bus visits five different historic bald eagle wintering communities. If bald eagles are present, each tour may have some excellent photographic opportunities.

The tour provides enjoyable education about the eagle: its past, present, and future. The bald eagles daily feeding habits, migration, movements and life history, as well as survival problems will be presented. A tour participant will come away with a better appreciation of America’s symbol, and an understanding of why we should all strive to keep the bald eagle flying free.

See the events calendar for tour details.