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Too much fun

Why…. Yes I do!
Isn’t that what this whole road trip is about after all? Okay, maybe not the whole trip was about me shopping for yarn but…

From June 6th – June 9th I was in Galena, Illinois with my mom and sister. We were given a three night stay in the Queen Anne Guest House as a Mother’s Day gift from my father.


Not only was this our mom’s first time to visit Galena and her first stay in a B&B, it was also our first ever mother-daughter trip. We had the best time together.

This is my Mom at breakfast. Just out the window to the left we had a visitor every morning.

Miss Kitty belongs to the owner but lives outside due to potential allergies of guests. She sure wants to come in and join the party though. I gave her some love every day as we went to and fro. While we’re still on the subject of food in Galena…

The options are seemingly endless and delightful. They have fabulous steakhouses, pizza joints and bar and grill type restaurants. There’s Asian food, Greek food, Seafood, fine Italian dining
and a Good Ole Mom and Pop Diner on a corner. Plus I always find delicious vegetarian fare for myself when I visit. Galena is also rich with history. It’s the home place of President Ulysses S. Grant. Everywhere you look your eye lands on beautiful old buildings.



There are lots and lots of stairs because, unlike most of our flat state of Illinois, Galena is very hilly.

Now back to that Yarn Shop…


I always make a beeline for this place of heaven on earth the moment we hit Galena. As a matter of fact, when Amy, the owner of Fiber Wild first opened a few years ago, I just happened to be in Galena celebrating my birthday with my husband. I was so excited to find that there was a Yarn Shop in town all of a sudden. And it really was all of a sudden. She was literally setting up shop on her first week there. I’m just so thrilled to see that she’s still open for business every time I return. There are people in this world who keep walking in a certain direction down a certain street because they smell the undeniable aroma of food. For me… It’s Yarn…

I promise you… some things in this world speak to me, other things call my name. Yarn however, I Smell. On this trip I purchased three different yarns that are all new to me. In my next post I will give you my review on the one I’ve worked with so far, making the cabled fingerless gloves from my last post.

One last thing I have to say that I love about my trips to Galena is this… For a tiny town in Illinois with a population of 3,361 to have the appeal it does to so many different people amazes me. I love catching snatches of foreign languages on the breeze as I walk up and down the streets. I also enjoy watching other people being happy and observing how they express themselves. I like getting glimpses of how they live, what makes them feel beautiful and how they relate to this big vast world we live in. So many things can be seen in a small tourist town. This was my favorite thing on this trip to Galena.
Disappointingly, I never saw the owners of this wonderful van. No doubt they were off having too much fun.

Original blog posted by Rose Petal Tea on 6/6/16