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She’s super, she’s a mom, she’s SuperMom!

We asked VisitGalena fans to nominate their favorite mom for a weekend trip to Galena. Husbands, daughters and friends have entered their favorite mom in hopes of winning her a trip she’ll never forget. We’ve sifted through many entries that explained why their mom deserves to win and what they would do during a visit to the Helluva Half Mile. The time has come to announce our winner of the Get To Galena SuperMom giveaway. Congratulations Diane Sugars, nominated by her daughter, Abby. Abby’s heartfelt entry and her mom’s love for Galena grabbed our attention. Diane is an avid fan of our little town and she has a big heart for those in her life, postponing her first trip to Galena in order to take care of her family and work duties. Diane is a one-of-a-kind mom and definitely deserving of the SuperMom title. Read Abby’s entry below…
Galena Main Street

Diane Sugars is my Super Mom. She can do many things at one time. Her life has not been her own for many years. My brother was born first, then I arrived 5 years later. From that time until now, she has committed her life to her family, friends and job.

My mom and dad were married on September 19, 1992. She began her own family at this point. My mom made sure my dad’s life was full of all good things. She could make yummy meals from nothing and decorate their home with simple things that looked like a magazine. Six years later my brother came, and their world changed. Taking care of her firstborn became her mission. She catered to his every need. When he started preschool, my mom started her school duties. In a short month, later I popped into the family.

She became the original soccer mom. She kept house, fed us, did all the things my dad needed, plus entertained us. Once we were both in school, she became the super school mom. Every year for both of us, she has been a room mother, field trip chaperone, and homework queen. While becoming the school mom, she worked at the optical center at Shopko. Then in August of 2014, she started working at the Montrose Health Center. She was now on another journey gaining another family. At the center, mom was filled with love and compassion for the residents. Her love of family spilled over into her job. Now she was not only super school mom, but caring for those who needed an advocate to watch over them.

Mom became known to the residents as the cook that cares. She asks them their favorite food or is there something special they would like to eat. So now, mom is not only cooking the family favorites but the Center’s residents favorites also. While doing all of this she is still a super mom and wife. After working in the health center for a couple of years, she was promoted to the Dietary Supervisor at the Montrose Health Center. This required more of her time but she continues to be the best mom and wife ever.


Helluva Half Mile


This brings us to her love of Galena. Mom had always wanted to go to Galena, but something always got in the way. Then in 2014, my dad took her to Galena on their anniversary. Mom got to do everything she had dreamed about doing. She instantly fell in love with Galena. When she came home, she couldn’t stop talking about Galena. My mom loves history so much and Galena is a treasure trove of great historic value. After being home for a couple of days, immediately she began reading all she could Galena and its history. My mom started making a list of all the things she wanted to see that she hadn’t already seen.


DeSoto House Hotel


Since my mom and I are very close she wanted to share Galena with me, so we started planning a trip together. When June came around we were off on our Galena adventure. We stayed on the most haunted floor of the Desoto House. Legend has it that The Lady in Black still roams around the hallways. Mom and I stayed up all night but sadly we didn’t see any ghosts. The next morning my mom and I had a fabulous breakfast at the Courtyard Restaurant in the hotel. It was such a treat for her to have breakfast made for her, that rarely happens. After that, we started our exploration of Galena. My mom was so excited to share her favorite prior experiences of Galena with me.




Our first stop was U. S. Grant’s house, she told me all about it ahead of time and I was so excited. Once we walked in I saw everything that my mom had told me about come to life. She loves Grant’s history and his house. Because my mom loves to dream, we decided to drive around and look at all the houses that were for sale. We decided we would rather come to visit than live there because with every new visit to Galena there was always had a surprise inside.


Victory Café


Next, it was time for lunch. My mom is a foodie and Galena is a Mecca for her. So many restaurants, so little time. Our trip to Galena was such a fabulous and exciting weekend for a mom and her daughter. After getting home, my mom announced, “When will we go again?”


Jail Hill Inn


My mom and dad went back for some together time during another anniversary. My dad surprised her by staying at the Jail Hill Inn. My brother and I both thought it was appropriate for our parents to stay in jail for a few days! My mom was so excited she got to revisit some special places and embark on some new experiences. When they got home my mom announced, “we are all going to Galena in February as a family!!!” After the family trip to Galena, we were all hooked on my mom’s favorite getaway place, Galena.


Galena's Main Street


I am writing this to tell you about how the greatest mom ever, deserves this trip to Galena. She spends countless hours in the facility helping the senior citizens feel like they are family. Any special requests are always honored. She always goes the extra mile and gives up herself every day to her job, all the time remembering she has a family of her own. Whether it’s my brother in boy scouts or one of my many projects she is always there to help us. She asks very little of anyone but is appreciative of anything that is done for her. Winning this trip to Galena will show my mom how much I love and care about her. I truly appreciate you taking the time you spent reading this. – Abby Sugars