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Keep the coffee coming.

A list of coffee shops located on the Helluva Half Mile.


photo credit: Big Bill’s Sandwich & Coffee Shop

Spring has arrived but just when it looks like warmer weather is here to stay, Mother Nature delivers another drizzling cold front. That’s okay. Our little town is the perfect place to cozy up and April showers bring May flowers. While we wait for warmer Spring weather to arrive, you can find us hanging in a comfy Galena cafe enjoying a hot cup of java. Want to join us? Check out this list of welcoming coffee shops located on the Helluva Half Mile.



photo credit: Kaladis .925

Mean Bean Rosters
Think custom gourmet coffee minus the stuffy coffee house. Mean Bean Roasters believes everyone should enjoy outstanding gourmet coffees and offers all customers the option to custom design a personal coffee blend and label. Choose up to five different mouthwatering flavors to create your own individual and unique blend. Not sure what you like? No problem! Mean Bean’s friendly staff is there to help. If you aren’t up for creating a blend, enjoy one of their pre-made selections. Enjoy a warm cup of freshly brewed java, made locally by fellow coffee lovers.



Kaladis .925

Kaladis .925
Get to Kaladis for an afternoon pick-me-up after a day of sightseeing in Galena. Make yourself comfortable. This family-owned coffee shop has great ambiance and free Wi-Fi. The coffee selection is excellent and they have a wonderful food menu offering a selection of delicious baked goods and sandwiches! It’s what taste buds dream about.



photo credit: Devour Café

Devour Café
If you’re looking for a quality cup of caffeine then this is your place. At Devour, each drink is meticulously prepared with care by an incredibly friendly staff. The atmosphere is welcoming and has some of the best natural light, perfect for those of you who like to snap photos of your coffee before you drink. This café has become a must-visit for returning visitors.



Stam Chocolaterie
Don’t let the name fool you. The owners of Stam Chocolaterie in Galena offer a tasty selection of coffee drinks. Whether it is a traditional black coffee or a large almond milk caramel latte with extra foam, the baristas serve it how you like it! Once you have a drink order figured out, browse their selection of decadent chocolates. As if it couldn’t get any better, they also serve gelato!



photo credit: Big Bill’s Sandwich & Coffee Shop

Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop & Coffee Bar
Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop & Coffee Bar is the place to go for great food, comfortable vibes, excellent service and a cup of Metropolis Coffee. Bill’s has a full-service coffee bar and tasty food menu, including sandwiches, soups, salads and pastries. Enjoy live music on the weekends and one of the best views of the Helluva Half Mile.