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Bring your mom to Galena, Illinois this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Does your supermom deserve to win a SuperMom Getaway? That is the question we’ve throw out there and the responses have been pouring in. Husbands, daughters and friends have entered their favorite mom in hopes of winning her a SuperMom Getaway to Galena, Illinois (winner will be announced April 21). We’ve sifted through many entries that explain why their mom deserves to win and what they would do during a visit to the Helluva Half Mile. Below are a few excerpts from entries that are too good not to share. Check back for part 2 of this blog post to read more entries.

Galena's Helluva Half Mile

My wife is a SuperMom who does it all and then some. She holds an advanced position in the insurance industry that involves travel across areas of the Midwest several days each month. This prevents her from always being close to her two young sources of joy, aged 6 and 11. Despite the fact that these trips involve early morning wake-ups, driving herself to the airport, flying and then meeting with multiple clients over several days, she always manages to come home with enough energy to receive an overabundance of hugs and kisses from the kids and a puppy 🙂

She deserves a relaxing visit to Galena where, in the past, we have celebrated our anniversary, done some wine-tasting and enjoyed the Alpine sledding at Chestnut Mountain Lodge. Her ideal trip would involve relaxing in a cozy setting, perhaps in front of a fire with a good book and definitely with a long, soothing bubble bath.

She would definitely enjoy sampling the many great wines that Galena Cellars has to offer and would be very satisfied with consuming the various cheeses available at Galena River Wine & Cheese. An Italian meal consisting of gnocchi at One Eleven Main would definitely be a highlight of the visit as well. Getting some exercise by walking throughout the town and visiting the many unique shops that Galena has to offer as well as traveling throughout the neighborhoods would certainly be appreciated as well.

In order to achieve a proper work-life balance, a trip to nearby Galena would certainly fit the bill. Thank you for your consideration and for showcasing all that Galena has to offer. – Toby from Naperville, Illinois

My wife, Brooke, is absolutely a SuperMom! We’ve had a rough 17 months since the birth of our second child and if anyone deserves a weekend getaway to relax and unwind, it’s her. Our son, Cason, was born with Unilateral Coanal Atresia, a birth defect consisting of unformed nasal passages. Cason has endured 5 surgeries in the last year and continues to consult with 6 different specialists on an almost monthly basis. There is nothing easy about having a child with health issues, but Brooke has tackled this endeavor with passion, patience, and grace.

We also have a 5-year-old daughter who is starting to explore the world of sports and recreation. Brooke not only manages to get Cason to all of his doctor appointments, she also gets Elliana to all of her events. Whether it’s skating practice, t-ball games, soccer matches, or swimming lessons, Brooke NEVER lets a single item fall through the cracks. Not to mention that she constantly has to remind her biggest kid (Me) of his own schedule. Keeping everyone on a schedule is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to how Super our Mom is. The reality is that Brooke makes me an even better Father.

Brooke exemplifies this outside of the home as well. When she’s not managing our family, she also has a full-time job as a social worker. Brooke gives and gives and gives without the expectation of anything in return. She goes to work every day, in a thankless job, because she knows not everyone has been afforded the opportunities that she has had in her life. She chooses to work in a high-stress field because she knows she can make an impact on the people she encounters… AND SHE DOES!

The best part about this particular SuperMom getaway is that Galena offers the two forms of relaxation that Brooke is drawn to the most… Shopping and WINE!!! I truly believe that not only is this the perfect getaway for Brooke, it would be something that she would absolutely look forward as opposed to dreading and worrying about being away. I would love more than anything for Brooke to enjoy this with either her best friend Melissa or her Mom… Who by the way, are each SuperMom’s themselves that are equally deserving of a relaxing getaway. Thank you very much for your consideration. – Tim from Madison, WI


My name is Rebecca and I would like to tell you about my mother. She raised me and my brother by herself and went to college and graduated with an AAS degree and worked 2 jobs. When we were about 5 and 7 she remarried to who is now our step dad. He is real nice to her. After they got married she had 3 more kids so I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She gave up a lot after she had them. She did not work because with 5 of us it was hard to pay for daycare. She said it wasn’t worth working anyway. She said she loved staying home with us and watching us grow up.

When I graduated high school, she scraped and scraped to take me to Florida. She has a friend that owns a condo not too far from the beach and they let us use it for a few days. I was so happy! Sitting on the beach with my mom was the best. We have been to Galena many times because my mom loves that town! She even took my Senior pictures in Galena and everyone loved them. We usually go 2 times a year and walk around.

She has always said she would love to stay there for a couple of days and just walk around without a care in the world. She loves the Galena Canning Company and the store that lets you make your own scented candles (ompanyGalena Candle & Bath).

She has told me that she would like to try an Italian place called Vinny Vanuchi’s. I know it doesn’t sound like a whole lot or that it doesn’t sound like she is a super mom but to me she is. I love my mom and this getaway would be perfect for her. – Rebecca from Richmond, IL