A Day in Galena with Michelle Oben

Michelle Oben challenged herself to start a project called ‚ÄúA Month Of”, where every month she will experiment with a new idea or task. March was her inaugural¬†month, titled “A Month of Going“, where¬†she headed out on her own to explore towns and locations that she had never been to. Most recently these included locations in Wisconsin and Kentucky. Last weekend the Tri-State area made her list and Galena, IL was her destination for a day. We caught up with her on¬†Instagram, and now you can too! #amonthofgoing

Ice cream “Rocky road trip.” – at Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

cows “Drive by moo-gram.” – Jo Daviess County

“This chalk paint is used to give a facelift to unique pieces of furniture in the store. Nailin’ country chic.” – at Isabella’s Ltd

. Main St

“Cutest towns of all towns.” – Main St., Galena, IL

Vintage Retold

“Your cheat sheet. In case US history ever comes up over dinner” – at All Things Vintage


“My coffee was more hip than I was.” – at Devour Cafe

Michelle‚Äôs day trip has inspired her to make a weekend of it in the future! Follow Michelle‚Äôs¬†‚ÄúA Month Of”¬†on Instagram (@michellesunoben). Next month she’ll be experimenting with “A Month of Creation” where she challenges herself to draw/create something every day.

Mini Q&A with Michelle:

What inspired you to start this experiment?

“I grew up around the world as an “Army Brat” (meaning my Dad was in the military), so we moved around every couple of years; as you can imagine, the need to experience new ideas, cultures, and places is in my blood! Now that I am an adult, I really want to continue that lifestyle and always be challenging myself to avoid a stagnant, boring lifestyle! By day, I am a Business Analyst / Project Manger for PotentiaMetrics, a tech company that creates products that provide predictive information in healthcare, fitness and pro sports. By nights and weekends, I love to explore my interests in social media, design, and travel.”

You said this was a day trip for you, where are you from? Have you ever been to Galena before?

“After my Dad retired from the military, we called Michigan home. I spent all of high school and college (Michigan State University) in the mitten state. I have never been to Galena, but I had heard wonderful things!

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